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This sheet has been formulated to prepare and guide you through the granite selection process. Please review this information carefully, as it will avoid any confusion in the long run!
  • First and foremost, please keep in mind that granite is a natural material. There are no two pieces in the world that are exactly the same. We stress this fact so that you, the customer, expect that there will be some variation and inconsistencies in the stone. That is the beauty of granite!
  • If possible, select an edge treatment while you are at Beauty Craft’s showroom. It is important that you choose an edge treatment as soon as possible!
  • We advise that you select your granite at the stone distributor with your floor plan about (2) weeks prior to the scheduled templating of your granite. Beauty Craft will advise you as to when this will take place. 5
  • Make sure you tell the distributor that Group II granite is included in your agreement with us. If you choose a stone higher than a Group II, the cost will increase.
  • You must inform the stone distributor as to whom the fabricator will be. The fabricator will template, cut, and install your granite. Beauty Craft will supply you with the fabricator’s information.
  • Once you make a final decision on the material, the fabricator will give you a “Material Selection Form” with the selection and Lot #. Please contact Beauty Craft and we will relay this information to the fabricator.
  • On the day of templating, your sink, faucet, and cooktop or rangetop must be at the job site.
  • It will take 10 working days for the stone to be fabricated after it is templated.
  • We strongly advise that you visit the fabricator one more time after your kitchen is templated and before the stone is cut. At this time, you will be able to view the template and see how the stone is laid out.